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The earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaraş Pazarcık and caused great destruction in 10 provinces deeply affected us all. We know that everyone feels the pain of the earthquake victims and is doing everything they can to alleviate this disaster to some extent. On this occasion, we express our infinite gratitude to all the citizens and institutions working day and night in the field.


As the Piksel team, we started working on short and medium-term new educational projects that could help heal the wounds since the first day of the disaster. In addition, in the first stage, we are organizing an NFT auction in collaboration with Superare and MoCDA to meet the urgent needs in the earthquake zone. The proceeds from the auction, which will be held in early March with the participation of important media artists living in Turkey or intersecting with Turkey, will be donated to Ahbap Association.

SupeRare is one of the world's most important and trusted NFT platforms that sells works by very important artists and only accepts artists through invitations. MoCDA is an institution that provides curatorial and educational support to institutions such as Tate, the Observer, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, CADAF (Contemporary Digital Art Fair), the Blockchain Game Alliance and NFT London Meetup.

We call all our artist friends who have shared their knowledge, time, and most importantly their efforts with us so far to come together this time for the earthquake victims.

Our Partners:

Click here to see the ist of artists whose participation has been ascertained so far.

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