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Piksel. Residency Program


The application period for the "2022 - 2023 Piksel.New Media Residency Program" has been completed.

The next application period for the Piksel. New Media Residency Program will start on December 2023.

We can cover the Piksel.New Media Residency Program under three headings:



We believe that networks will replace current hierarchical structures and by forming the right connections, we will not only drive innovation but also reduce inequality by democratizing information. As such, we view "Piksel." as an opportunity for talented individuals from different countries and cities to come together and collectively transform the world of art.

Under this program, we encourage participants to build a community both during their education and beyond. Our goal is to form an alumni club to provide a platform for ongoing communication, collaboration, and joint production. This will help ensure that participants continue to support each other long after their education has ended.



During these sessions, we will cover various software, hardware, and techniques, although we will not provide specific instruction on how to use individual programs. However, for those interested in specializing in a particular program, we will provide information on how to access resources for learning. Throughout the course, we will invite experts and renowned artists from diverse fields such as digital painting, special effects, generative art, interactive art, 3D modeling, code and web art, game design etc., to share their experiences and insights in their respective fields.



One of the primary objectives of "Piksel." is to provide financial assistance to the participating artists during the creation of their new media artworks. To achieve this, we offer a scholarship of 100,000₺ to each young artist involved in the program for a period of one year.


We aim to provide the participants of the Artist Residency Program with education that will guide them through developing their vision of digital art or expanding their already-existing vision. From the definition of new media art, coding, 3D software to animation, we are designing a comprehensive curriculum where education will cover various significant topics.

JURY BOARD 2022/23

Bager Akbay

Artist, Academician

Candaş Şişman

Artist, Co. Founder - NohLab

Ekmel Ertan

Curator, Artist, Academician

Hande Şekerciler


Helena Nikonole

New Media Artist, Curator

Mert Öncü

CEO - Odeabank

Serdar Kuzuloğlu

Exec., Entrepreneur,Investor


Ahmet Said Kaplan

Co. Founder - DECOL

Ali Mahmut Demirel


Arda Yalkın


Bager Akbay

Artist / Academician

Barış Atiker

Designer / Academician / Ent.

Bengü Gün
Co. Founder - Mixer

Candaş Şişman

Co. Founder / Director - NohLab

Ebru Yetişkin

Sociologist, Curator

Hande Şekerciler


Kerem Ozan Bayraktar


Nebi Cihan Çankaya

Co. Founder - DECOL

Ozan Türkkan

New Media Artist

Selçuk Artut

Artist / Acad./ Musician

Selin Balcı

Artist / Researcher

Anchor 1
  • Who can apply to the program?
    Piksel. New Media Residency Program is designed for artists and artist candidates between the ages of 18-35 who want to expand their practice by adding digital art production methods and have basic knowledge on this subject. Applicants must have graduated or undergraduate student in painting, sculpture, photography, video, print, graphic design, visual communication design, industrial design, animation, glass and ceramics, textile, architecture. ​ In line with our aim to support artists who are just at the beginning of their practice, we have shaped the training program in this direction by introducing age restrictions.
  • How many people are accepted into the program?
    We will accept 10 people in order to transfer the training program to the registered artists in the most efficient way.
  • Is it mandatory to attend all sessions of the program?
    Yes. In order to convey all aspects of new media art to all participants in the program with a holistic approach, since the courses are interconnected, it is obligatory to attend the program and participants are expected to attend all classes except emergencies. For this purpose, we expect participants who are accepted to the program to meet the minimum attendance requirement of 90%.
  • What is the scholarship opportunity provided in line with the program?
    Each of the 10 participants who fulfill the educational requirements of the program will be provided with a scholarship of 100.000₺ for one year. In addition, 1 person among the participants accepted to the program will be sent to the Residency Unlimited program in the USA by Piksel., covering the travel, accommodation and RU program costs. The participant to be selected will be determined by the relevant jury at the end of our 3-month program.
  • Will the program take place online?
    At the new term, we will apply a hybrid (face-to-face and online) model, but we will conduct the majority of these sessions face-to-face.
  • Is the program paid for the participants?
    All of the trainings are given free of charge, under the leadership of the Turkish Informatics Foundation's non-profit platform Beginning Node and the support of partner institutions.
  • What kind of technical skills are expected from the artists accepted to the program?
    Since the program will mostly take place face-to-face, participants should have access to a computer with basic equipment, and basic software, especially Cinema 4D, should be mastered about the programs to be used during the training.
  • Does it needed to have an educational history in digital art to apply to program?
    Assuming that the participants have basic knowledge about computer use, the program was designed with a flow to build on this knowledge. Throughout the program, many software, hardware and methods will be covered, and information resources will be provided for those who want to specialize in the topics covered, but the use of the programs will not be focused on specifically.
  • How can I reach you for my other questions?
    For other questions, you can contact us via our e-mail address!
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