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Residency Program

Piksel.New Media Residency Program is designed for artists and artist candidates between the ages of 18-35 who want to expand their practice by adding digital art production methods and have basic knowledge on this subject. Applicants must have graduated or undergraduate student in painting, sculpture, photography, video, print, graphic design, visual communication design, industrial design, animation, glass and ceramics, textile, architecture.



It is a technical training program for anyone between the ages of 18-35 who wants to improve their knowledge and practice on the most important software in the field of new media art and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).



Piksel. brings together local and foreign art professionals, collectors and program participants in talks created by guest moderators, aligning with the ideal of creating a community, which is one of its core values. Unlike workshops, Piksel.Talks is shaped around a conversation flow directed by the moderator, with questions and comments of the participants.

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