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Piksel. | O'art  Talks

Piksel.|O'art brings together local and foreign art professionals, collectors and program participants in talks created by guest moderators, aligning with the ideal of creating a community, which is one of its core values. Unlike workshops, Piksel.|O'art Talks is shaped around a conversation flow directed by the moderator, with questions and comments of the participants.

Piksel |O'art Talks', where we get the chance to meet and chat with a wide range of guests, varying from artists working in different fields, gallery and museum directors, curators, international artist guest program managers, was moderated in 2020 by Mixer Co-Founder Bengü Gün; In the 2021 period, it was carried out by Zeynep Pakel.

In the first two terms of Piksel.|O'art Talks, speeches were made on a wide range of topics varying from arts and law to curation in the context of new media, collecting, network mapping and big data relations, conservation of new media works, AI and intellectual property rights. You can review the titles and other details of the previous talk programmes from here. 

Piksel. | O'art  Talks Schedule

To participate in the events, you can RSVP from the relevant event's page on the calendar or here.

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